Food Rescue Roulette

While our primary goal is to provide nutritious meals to food-insecure people in Vancouver, we also want to change the way people think about their food.

Our current system–in which recipes always have to be identical and ingredients have to look perfect–creates an enormous amount of food waste at each level of the supply chain.

So when we set out to develop a product line to support our community meal initiative, we wanted to challenge the expectations of perfection and consistency that lead to so much wasted food.

Food Rescue Roulette is a line of frozen, pre-made meals that change regularly according to the variety of surplus food we receive.

We offer two options: Omnivore & Vegetarian. Meals will be labelled with their ingredients, but due to the unpredictable nature of surplus, we don't recommend anyone with serious dietary restrictions or food allergies to order, as we can't make accommodations.

Meal boxes are available for pickup on Tuesdays at Container Brewing, between 4-7:30 pm. Boxes ordered by Friday will be available the following Tuesday.